Beany Bliss

Beany Bliss

We’ve been making Beany hats like these for many years, now.  The knitting pattern is deceptively simple, the hat being shaped to cover the head closely and well. The yarn – a blend of silk, kid mohair and lambswool – is perfect for a garment that will likely come in contact with the face.  But it’s the hand-crafted colouring to the yarn that results in each hat being unique, and immediately recognisable to the proud owner. And we have many of those, some getting in touch years later to order a replacement.

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The last of our stock of these Beany hats was sold back in October – as Autumn finally started to shift from golden to blustry. Denise is now making new stock for 2016: they’re already piling up – so you don’t have to wait until 2016 to buy! There’s two broad colour themes apparent so far, and if either of these takes your fancy, or the fancy of your loved one …


Description: Plain-knitted hat with ribbed welt.
Sizes: One size to fit most adults ; 45cm circumference at welt ; 40cm across crown ; 50g

Construction: seamless plain knitting to main body of hat, with simple ribbed welt,
Material: Blend of 45% kid mohair / 45% silk / 10% lambswool
Colouring: random colours within broadly distinct themes
Finishing: Product Tag – with care instructions

Workmanship: hand-knitted using circular needles

Designed, knitted and finished by Denise Bridge at An Garradh Mor, Isle of South Uist.

Colour choices

Colour themes available, to the same style

  • Purple / Dark Blue / Torquoise (as in slideshow)
  • Green / Brown / Purple (as in slideshow)
  • Other colours to follow

To Buy

Price: £28 each hat.

To enquire or purchase, please call us on 01878 700828 or enquire by email.

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