Black and Silk

We think you’re going to love this!  Our ever-popular lace scarf, re-imagined in black and silk.   Fine wool from the first shearing of Shetland black lambs. Slivers of tussah silk vein and marble the black with light and luxury. Designed and hand-made in every respect by Denise. Unique!


Description: Knitted lacework scarf

Size (approx): 126cm x 24cm – 105g

Construction: Hand-knitted on straight knitting needles using 2-ply handspun yarn

Pattern: Traditional Shetland lacework

Colouring: Black with veins and marbling in white silk

Finishing: Product tag – with care instructions

Workmanship – all work by Denise:

  • Sheltland black lambswool and tussah silk selected and carded by hand
  • Hand-spun and plied on an Ashford traditional spinning wheel
  • Knitted by hand on straight needles


This scarf is unique.

To Buy

Price £68 each, plus standard delivery charge

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