Cardigan’s in the Outer Hebrides

Oops!  That should be Cardigans in the Outer Hebrides. Cardigan’s in Ceredigion: What a difference an apostrophe makes!

Denise has been busy knitting gorgeous ladies’ cardigans in glorious hand-coloured yarns of cotton, silk and wool. They’re finished with buttons of real mother-of-pearl. We don’t sell these cardigans on-line. They’re reserved for those of you who make the journey to Uist in 2017 – and visit the Hebridean Woolshed’s ‘garden shop’ here in Cille Bhrighde.

The cardigans are hand-knitted by Denise. They are priced at £140.
[Apostrophes are available as an optional extra – please enquire ;~) ]


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