Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist: Shetland lace scarf in black and silk - Hebridean lambswool and tussah silk.
Shetland lace scarf. Fine, soft wool from Shetland black lambs. Slivers of tussah silk vein and marble the black with light and luxury. Entirely hand-made.

Black and Silk

Cheviot Horseshoe Lace Cowl from The Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist
Encouraged by the instant success of our first kits and patterns, we've now put together a new kit for a ladies' lace cowl in a Horseshoe Lace pattern, using our Hebridean Woolshed's own Cheviot DK 2-ply wool

Cheviot Horseshoe Lace Cowl

Ladies Primrose gilet in Hebridean wool, by Denise, Bridge, Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist
This ladies' Primrose gilet is knitted with chunky-weight Hebridean wool, and is named after our two-day-old Hebridean ewe-lamb ... who is named after ...

Primrose Gilet

ladies cardigan at the Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist 1
Uist Sea, Uist Sky: This hand-knitted ladies' cardigan combines random colouring with precision craftsmanship. Cotton and silk make this a mid-season garment - ideal for soft sunshine and summer evenings.

Uist Sea, Uist Sky

Fair Isle Hats
Over the weekend we opened up the Hebridean Woolshed and got the garden (and ourselves!) ready for the 2016 visitor seasonal sales: and already we've had our first sale of the season.

Seasonal Sales

Red Sky Scarf, by Denise at Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist
Ladies' knitted lacework long scarf - Red Sky. Hand-spun in pure new premium Merino wool. 158cm x 20cm - 94g. Entirely hand-crafted by Denise. Limited Edition - 1 of 1

Red Sky Scarf