Four shades from one batch of Bog Myrtle. The Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist
Bog Myrtle (or if you prefer, Sweet Gale) is a shrubby plant that found its place in the human economy in ancient times, along with the likes of the olive and other oil-rich herbs used in food, drink or medicines.

Sweet Gale – Bog Myrtle

Jonathan's hands and arms stained from handling New Zealand Flax flower stems. The Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist
After an afternoon tidying up the flailing flower stems of New Zealand Flax, J's hands and arms were stained golden brown. And that got us thinking ...

Golden Brown

A selection of Mill-spun Natural Wools. The Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist
Today, the postie delivered several boxes of our new Beinn Sgiathan 3-ply Aran wool (a blend of Hebridean and Cheviot) - and a batch of Hebridean roving.

Natural Wools Makeover

Denise spinning with Ashford 'Traveller'. The Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist 2
I'm recovering from my operation more quickly and completely than expected. I'm even able to producing handspun wool. Normal service is resumed!

Normal Service Resumed?

Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist: Denise posting selected fleeces for mill-spinning
Fleeces - a double posting! In the new year the wool will come back to us in boxes, spun and wound into balls ready for us to package.

Double Posting

Yarnitecture by Jillian Moreno
When you've been working at a craft for nearly 40 years - for a living, not a hobby - it takes more than a re-hash of previous books to stimulate the imagination. But then along comes a book like Yarnitecture!


Hebridean Wools from the Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist: Aran, DK, Lambswool DK
New season Hebridean yarn back from being spun at the micro-mill. Lovely dark DK lambswool - 50g balls. Well worth the additional care, effort and cost!

New Season Hebridean