200412-F021Pure New Cheviot Wool

Cheviot is a fine, semi-lustrous wool, well-suited to durable warm-wear.

Our Cheviot wool comes from the hill flocks of our neighbours in Cille Bhrìghde and in Eriskay.

The fleeces are sorted and graded according to purity of colour, fineness and softness, and then sent away for spinning at specialist ‘micro-mills’ around the UK.  The DK Lambswool is made with only the finest and softest fibres from shearling lambs.

The 2-ply DK and 3-ply Aran weight yarns are perfect for traditional ‘country pursuits’ warmwear – pullovers, etc.

The 2-ply DK lambswool knit up beautifully into lace shawls and lighter-weight cardigans. [Visitors the real-world Hebridean Woolshed, can also choose a DK lambswool with 3-ply construction – same price as the 2-ply.]

All yarns are an even, natural creamy white and are uniform in thickness and character.

Our Cheviot wools are finished in such a way as to make them ideal for home dyeing without the need for pre-washing or scouring: indeed we ourselves use them for our plant-dyed wools.

Cheviot Pure New Wool 50g Balls