Complete – if anything ever is!

Jonathan and Denise: This new website is now at last considered complete! Not that there aren’t still certain ‘deficiencies’ that could do with attention, or refinements that would be good if there was time, but this has already cost so much time and energy when it is (a) needed for many other urgent things, and (b) in short supply – certainly the energy! – due to poor health of late.  Nonethless, we’re pleased enough with what we’ve done to not cringe at the thought of anyone actually reading it, and if it proves to get more attention and – let’s be straight about this – more sales than the previous site, then it’s been effort worth while.  So it’s over to you, Dear Reader (as 19thC writers were want to put it), to let us know if there’s anything unclear, missing, annoying, or in the absence of any of those perhaps you could let us know by way of an online order.  Sales from the ‘off-line’ shop have been exceptionally good during May, so clearly there’s no problem with what we have to offer, with no shortage of enthusiastic customers, so don’t hold back, jump the queue with an on-line order today (or tonight!)

Your views are welcome!