Double Posting

Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist: Denise posting selected fleeces for mill-spinningFleeces – a double posting! – packed up tight and ready for despatch from Oifis a’ Phoist, Dalabrog (Daliburgh Post Office, South Uist).  In the new year the wool will come back to us in boxes, spun and wound into balls ready for us to package.  Denise looks so excited you’d think she was going on the journey with them!

There’ll be another batch – much bigger! – to send off in a few weeks time.  The mill is very busy, and they have an order book months ahead. Our slot in their production is only secured when they have received our fleece and checked it … and received a hefty deposit payment. By the time the wool comes back, we’ve almost forgotten about it. It’s almost a surprise – and (notwithstanding the doubly hefty balance payment) – a very nice surprise.


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