Denise: As Autumn advances, visitors to the islands become few and far between and the roads and beaches fall quiet. So too here at The Hebridean Woolshed and The Big Garden! Over the years, we’ve tended to keep the shop open until … well, until we thought it was about time we packed stock away to protect it from cold and damp of winter.  That could be as late as the end of November!

This year, with customers increasingly expecting to find our opening hours on the internet – and us to keep to them!, we decided we could do with more down-time (though we suspect that could turn out as more time to make new stock for next year!), so we set the end of the season at 30 September. Except that it won’t be the 30th – it will be the day before, the 29th.  That’s when I’m flying off to ‘foreign lands’ and J will be kept busy doing … well, doing everything. I’ll be having some real down-time, complete with breakfast-in-bed, reading-in-bed, knitting in bed – and waited on hand-and-foot.

So, if you’re wanting anything from The Hebridean Woolshed (anything that can’t be bought on this website, that is), then you’ve got until next Wednesday! (That goes for anything from the Big Garden jam, chutney, lemon curd – there’s two jars left!), fresh herbs, Hebridean hogget lamb.) After that we’ll be open only for Big Garden eggs and preserves: anything else and – well, we’ll see you next Easter!

Denise spinning wire into fences. The Big Garden Croft, Isle of Eriskay

Denise spinning wire into fences. The Big Garden Croft, Isle of Eriskay

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