Hatty Heaven 1

Here’s a wee gallery of recent creations, here in Hatty Heaven!

Blue, Brown and Grey

Ribbed knitted hats in blue or brown – knitted in soft and warm pure new Shetland wool. £18 each

Turn-up hat in black/white – knitted with Uist-grown wools specially selected for durability. £28.

Ribbed Technicolour

Ribbed hats are knitted in pure new wool, hand-coloured to produce this gradient effect. £24 each.

Brown, Green and Beige

This style is a new introduction. The wool is from Blue-faced Leicester sheep, extremely soft and kind even directly against the skin. These hats are crocheted. £24 each.

All these hats are sized to fit most adults. Call or email for more information. Remember, if you order by post, and the hat doesn’t fit, we do accept returns.  If the hat does fit, you should wear it!


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