January Blues

Denise: just before Christmas, our daughter Becky arrived from Aberystwyth to stay for a fortnight. The weather’s been … well, let’s not dwell on that. As for the January Blues – well, we’ve been working on that this morning. But indoors – where it’s lovely and cosy and warm. We’ve been dyeing wool with Indigo, which is one of the classic natural dye-stuffs for blues – and very warm and lively blues, too.   I say dyed, but much of it was over-dyeing – dyeing wools that had previously been coloured with other natural dyes: Camomile, Tomato, Ladies Bedstraw and Southernwood (all of those yellows and greens) ; Henna – red-brown ; and Logwood – a deep brown.  The results were as varied as … well, as you see here.  Skeins of all these will be in the garden shop when it re-opens for the season at Easter (see Plant-Dyed)

20151231 (9)(a)


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