Denise spinning with Ashford 'Traveller'. The Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist
I'm recovering from my operation more quickly and completely than expected. I'm even able to producing handspun wool. Normal service is resumed!

Normal Service Resumed?

Denise has been knitting ladies' cardigans in glorious yarns of cotton, silk and wool. Available at the Hebridean Woolshed's 'garden shop' in 2017.

Cardigan’s in the Outer Hebrides

Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist: Shetland lace scarf in black and silk - Hebridean lambswool and tussah silk.
Shetland lace scarf. Fine, soft wool from Shetland black lambs. Slivers of tussah silk vein and marble the black with light and luxury. Entirely hand-made.

Black and Silk

Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist: Denise posting selected fleeces for mill-spinning
Fleeces - a double posting! In the new year the wool will come back to us in boxes, spun and wound into balls ready for us to package.

Double Posting

Denise Bridge hand-carding Cheviot wool
After Denise's recent surgery, and whilst we re-assess what we do, we've decided to take a break from providing spinning, dyeing and gansey-knitting tuition