Lemon and Old Gold

Lemon and Old Gold

Denise was so pleased with this new colour of twill lamswool scarf that she did something very unusual – she wove another one just the same. (Well, to the same design, but not identical!)


Woven twill long scarf – Lemon and Old Gold.
160cm approx x 18cm – 80g.
Length includes twisted and knotted fringes.

Colouring: melange of shades of yellow.
Lambswool yarns produced in the Scottish Borders.
Hand woven on a Glymåkra 4-shaft counterbalance floor loom.

Designed, woven and finished by Denise Bridge at An Garradh Mor, Isle of South Uist.

Limited Edition : 2

Other colour choices

Other colours, to the same style, recently woven by Denise (some shown in gallery pictures above):

  • Indigo
  • Denim Blue
  • Juniper Green
  • Old Bronze and Copper
  • Burnt Orange
  • Charcoal

All of these are limited editions of six of each.

To Buy

Price: £30 each scarf.

To enquire or purchase, please call us on 01878 700828 or enquire by email.


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