Jonathan: Many of our customers buy just one or two balls or skeins of wool, sufficient for a scarf or a hat or two ; or perhaps to be used on a bigger project along with yarns from other small producers ; or just oddments left from other projects.  Katherine Dunhill's cabled hat with peat stack yarn We often get to see the results, by email, or a mention on facebook or twitter, or a post on a blog. On one occasion there was a facebook post within the same week – still on holiday in Uist, though it might be several years later – on a return visit to Uist, the maker calling in to see us proudly showing us what they made!  We’ve recently heard from Katherine Dunhill, who keeps up a delightful blog from her home on the coast of Northumberland. Actually it was her husband Stephen who was in Uist, he that bought for her the skein of Uist Landscape – Peat Stack handspun merino wool. And it was he that contacted us to tell us what had eventually become of it. It’s a delightfully distinctive and comfortable hat in which the Peat Stack seems almost to set the hat alight. To me the design suggests flames seen through the ironwork of an ornate stove ; or perhaps the gloriously stained light from a church window.

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