On the Move

The Hebridean Woolshed is on the move!

Jonathan and Denise are moving house from the Isle of South Uist in Scotland to Carmarthenshire in Wales.

The website is moving, too ; from The Big Garden website to Brynhedd.

J & D are somewhat pre-occupied at present ; but, behind the scenes, they’re working on a new website, and it will, in a few months, appear here and and in a Google search of


  1. Hi, is it too late to order some some additional wool. Hebridean Lambs Wool Double Knit. Lot 1605HLDK? Will be a few short of a planned knot

    1. Well, that’s the garage turned upside down and inside out … The desired yarn was found in a box at the bottom of a stack at the back of the garage! But, yes, we have more of the Heb Lambswool DK from that lot. If you email to us (mail@hebrideanwoolshed.scot) your name, address including postcode, and of course the number of 50g balls you require, we will respond with an invoice. The cost is £9 per ball and £4.95 UK delivery. Thanks for your enquiry – Denise and Jonathan.

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