Red Sky and Seaweed

Denise: The Red Sky scarf I made before Christmas sold straight away, and as I really can’t face spinning the same colours forever – who would want to when the possibilities are endless? – we’ve decided that Red Sky will be included in the new range of Uist Landscapes hand-spun merino wools for 2016.  And there’s another addition to the range, too: Seaweed. Here’s the first two skeins of Red Sky and Seaweed that will be going up to the garden shop this morning – I just need to label them. It’s so difficult photographing our new wools: it’s usually in winter, when the light is either very poor or very low, and wool is so difficult to get into crisp focus! But short of setting up a photography studio as well, it’s the best we can do.

Uist Landscapes - Red Sky, Seaweed

Jonathan and I are agreed that we should limit ourselves to six colours at a time (plus any stock of other colours remaining from the previous year – available only in the garden shop).  So, retiring this year are Machair and Cranberry.  For the colours available online for 2016, see Uist Landscapes.

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