Red Sky Scarf

Red Sky Scarf, by Denise at Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South UistLadies’ knitted lacework long scarf – Red Sky Scarf
Pure new premium Merino wool.
158cm x 20cm – 98g

Red sky at night – to your delight

Colouring: Uist Landscapes – one-off colourway Red Sky, inspired by mid-summer sunset seen from our bedroom window.

Pattern: Traditional lace pattern.

Hand crafted yarn and garment:
Coloured fibres selected and carded by hand.
Hand-spun on traditional spinning wheel
Knitted by hand

Red Sky Scarf - 1All work by Denise.

Limited Edition : 1 of 1 (ie unique, one-off)
£68.00 plus p+p

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