Swatch Match

Tansy and Logwood, Hebridean WoolshedJonathan: Recently Denise was contacted by someone wanting to knit a scarf with natural-dyed wool, sending her a swatch of upholstery fabric as a guide to colours. (I don’t know if there’s a physchological disorder in which a person is obsessed with co-ordinating colours, but if there is I feel sure Channel 4 would have already made a reality TV series about it. So, I think we can safely assume that the weight, material and construction of the fabric itself were irrelevant: it was just about the colour and visual quality!) Well after a bit of chuffing about with dyed skeins in stock, Denise concluded the best thing was to try a bespoke dyeing, Tansy (on Alum mordant) for the mustardy yellow (the customer did say more mustard than the green-tinged yellow on the swatch), and Logwood (on Copper mordant) for the purple. And, here – right – is the result.  What do you think?

Denise got four dye-batches out of the session with Logwood, that on the left in the photo below being done first, and so taking up more colour than the following two batches. The fourth, used in the swatch match, used different techniques and mordant. Which do you like best?

Logwood, Hebridean Woolshed, South Uist

Your views are welcome!