To tooter two tutors to tute?

Charlotte Linton learning to spin at the Hebridean Woolshed, Isle of South Uist

Charlotte Linton learning to spin at the Hebridean Woolshed

Denise: Demand for our spinning workshops has grown ever more popular over the years, and since we added dyeing workshops as well, I’ve found it difficult at times to spin and dye enough wool to keep up with sales! Thankfully, we realized that we do already have a second tutor we can call on to share the workload – at least for the spinning workshops.  Now as their are only the two of us you might well be wondering who this spinning tutor might be.

When I told a friend recently who it was, she said, “Oh! Has he been on a crash course to learn to spin himself?”. Well no, in fact he’s been spinning as long as I have, though in recent years he’s had to concentrate on other work, his own area of expertise – civil engineering and construction work, in fact. Yes, that’s right – it’s Jonathan!! Our friend was surprised!

So, from now on Jonathan will be main tutor for spinning workshops.  No – correction : since yesterday.  Charlotte Linton was his first pupil. J was nervous, but needn’t have been. It went very well, helped by the fact that Charlotte was a model pupil!  Here she is smiling for a photo – without stopping spinning. Not at all bad for a beginner! Or is that beginners ?


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