Uist Landscapes

Hand-spun Merino Wool – Uist Landscapes

Merino – is one of the finest and softest sheep wools of any breed worldwide, and as such is universally used for garments worn in contact with the skin, and so perfect for our Uist Landscapes.

There are no Merino sheep in the Outer Hebrides – the climate is unsuitable! – so we source the wool from specialists who work primarily with small-scale and craft producers.  We buy the Merino as ‘tops’ – an intermediate stage in preparation for spinning – in a variety of colours.

Rolag for hand-spinning of Uist Landscape Merino by Denise Bridge at Hebridean WoolshedOur own work starts with blending together fibres of different colours ready for the traditional hand-preparation process called carding which results in rolags of mixed colours.

The rolags are hand-spun – using a traditional spinning wheel – into continuous threads, which are then in turn spun together to create a 2-ply yarn. The moderate variation in thickness and firmness of twist is characteristic of highly skilled hand-spun yarns.

The finished yarn is wound into skeins of approximately 75g, and knits as DK, typically using 4.0 mm needles.

Currently, we produce yarns in a range of colour-mixtures each of which is named after a dinstictive landscape or seascape of Uist.

The present range of colours are –

Uist Landscapes Handspun Merino Pure New Wool 75g skein