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Ladies Cardigan : Uist Sea, Uist Sky

This Uist Sea, Uist Sky hand-knitted ladies’ cardigan combines random colouring with precision craftsmanship. Cotton and silk make this a mid-season garment – ideal for soft sunshine and summer evenings.


Description: Knitted Ladies’ Cardigan

Size (approx): 34″-36″ bust, actual measurements 36″ bust – 17″ sleeve under-arm

Construction: Hand-knitted on straight knitting needles using a single-ply yarn of cotton, silk and wool, together with a filament of rayon to hold the softly-spun natural fibres together.

Pattern: Plain body and sleeves ; Ribbed (K2,P2) cuffs, bottom welt and collar-button band

Colouring: Variations on blue, green, grey, purple, turquoise, pink, inspired by Uist seas and skies.

Finishing: Six buttons mother-of-pearl ; Woven makers loop-band at inside back of neck ; Product tag – with care instructions

Workmanship: Hand-knitted and finished entirely by Denise, using yarn buttons by others.

Care Instructions

Wash gently by hand in luke warm water, and dry flat in well-ventilated place ; or dry clean


Price: £125 plus standard delivery charge.

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