Winter Blues? 1

We got Alan Cameron Uist Landscape Atlantic Scarfthis message the other day, from Alan Cameron …

Last June I roared up at [The Hebridean Woolshed’s garden shop] and your lovely home in my elderly MG. I bought some of your lovely Uist Landscapes wool, complete with a pattern.  

As my wife Ann was deep in an Aran of her own design, the scarf wasn’t started until later in the year (after the Aran and a pair of kilt hose were done).

Anyway, we thought you might like to see the finished article …

Indeed it is good to see what customers do with our yarns!  And in this photo we can see that our pattern and hand-spun merino yarn has been expertly executed into a finished scarf that’s sure to banish the winter blues!

Thanks Alan – and of course Ann, too!

Your views are welcome!

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