Yarnitecture by Jillian MorenoOver the past 35+ years of spinning we’ve accumulated quite a collection of books on spinning, weaving, dyeing. We haven’t bought any recently. Truth be told, they do seem so often to be little more than re-formulations of what we’ve all seen so many times in previously published books. But having seen ths new book  – Yarnitecture, by Jillian Moreno – reviewed by a WordPress blogger we follow, we were so impressed that we went online immediately and ordered it.

Yarnitecture brings a welcome new perspective to the craft of spinning. Instead of starting with the assumption that the reader has a fleece and a spinning wheel (or at least a drop-spindle) and wants to produce something with them, – anything!, it turns the whole thing on its head and starts with the knitter or crocheter having a project in mind, and wanting to produce a yarn that’s just right for the job. Both of us are excited at the prospect of working with the ideas and techniques of this book … and producing a yarn with an immediate use in mind!

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